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The Prep Talk: One-on-One

Have you always wanted to be a PRO cheerleader? Now is your chance to learn what it takes to be on the sidelines. 1-on-1 sessions with The Prep Talk will help you nail your resume, interview and even help you complete the look in order to make it onto the sidelines. 


One of the most overlooked steps is the paperwork and application process. For many audition processes, this is the first the judges/coaching staff see of you! You have to be able to bring your paperwork to life.

  • Resume/ Cover Letter
  • Online Application
  • Additional audition forms

Interview Prep

Our interview prep is unique and like no other! We first help you build an interview toolbox which is meant to ease the interview process. Your toolbox is comprised of your personal experiences, qualities and skills that judges HAVE TO know about you throughout the audition process.

  • Interview Tool Box
  • Help Answering Questions
  • Mock Interview

Image Consulting

Ever wonder why you haven’t made it past a certain point in auditions?  Have you auditioned for a team multiple years but something is holding you back?  It could be something as simple as changing your hairstyle, makeup or wardrobe!

  • General tips and suggestions
  • Wardrobe recommendations (colors, styles, etc)
  • Makeup that will bring out the best YOU (colors, complexion, etc)
  • Hair Styling (style recommendations and consistency)

Mentality Prep

It is crucial to go into an interview or audition with the right mindset. How committed are you? How much are you willing to put into this? The audition process can be overwhelming so it is easiest to break each step down into chunks!

  • Help with self confidence and image
  • Set specific goals
  • Other strategies to get. your mind right for your audition


Have you ever seen a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader slouch? Or a. hair of out place? The answer is no. We will help you with:

  • Modeling/posing that best suits your body type
  • Standing appropriately in uniform. or audition outfit
  • Hand positioning
  • Overall body language and non verbal cues throughout auditions

Ready for this!?

Be proactive in your pro cheer journey and set yourself up for success with The Prep Talk!

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