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Nicolette and Alicia here - your personal branding besties, we're so glad you found us!

The Prep Talk is a personal development and branding company that helps bring the best you to life on paper and in interviews for your next pro cheer or dance audition.Ā 

With our experience as Patriots Cheerleaders and Miss Rhode Island, we know what it takes to showcase your best self. More importantly, we will show you HOW you can do that! Weā€™ve designed packages that instill self confidence and help you create your personal brandĀ to bring you closer to a spot on the sidelines or courtside.

All The Tools You Need To Land Your Dream Team

Here at The Prep Talk, we offer both 1-on-1 coaching as well as a variety of ecourses you can complete at your own pace. From resumeĀ creationĀ to makeup tips, we've outlined every step of the way.

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Complete Prep Masterclass

In our comprehensive Masterclass, you'll gain access to an Introductory Guide and all of our otherĀ ecourses designed to alleviate audition stress and ensure you're PRO-ready.

Here's what you'll learn:

- Insight into our background and who we are
- A foundational overview of wardrobe, hair and makeup, interview techniques, and audition paperwork
- Strategies for perfecting a resume that highlights your diverse/relevant skills
- Crafting a standout cover letter that reflects your personality
- What to anticipate during an interview (in any format), featuring our TPT-specific formulas, strategies and techniques, along with practice questions
- How to prepare and highlight your team knowledge and understanding through our media training

As little as $39 a month!

IndividualĀ Ecourses


By the end of your TPT journey, you'll be able to market yourself and your brand through outward presentation, impressive paperwork and in-person during your interview.

In the past 2 years, we have had 50 (and now climbing!) clients go pro for teams in multiple leagues after going through the TPT prep process.

See some of our incredible client testimonials below!


"I worked with the prep talk briefly before my audition process. In fact, I only had one full session with them before purchasing their (interview) ecourse. They not only equipped me with all the necessary tools to prepare for a successful interview, but they also eased my nerves. With their interview toolbox, I was able to presen my best qualities and confidently answer all of the interview questions. These tips have been extremely helpful during my time on the team. Nicolette and Alicia are both such amazing women and I could not be more thankful for their guidance. They played a huge role in making my dreams come true!"


"I learned so much from NicoletteĀ and Alicia during my prep for pro cheer auditions. They taught the important of professionalism, preparedness and perseverance. They helped me form the perfect cover letter and resume and made sure to explain in detail every step and purpose for change. They provided me with challenging interview questions to positively push me to ensure this preparedness. I give them SO much credit for their guidance and support as I know I will carry this in dance and my career."


"The Prep Talk has been incredible not only with my resume, cover letter and interview tips... but with styling, costume choice and my hair. On top of all that they have been my biggest support system. I can text/email them knowing they will always help me and have a way to build me up. They made me feel confident and beautiful and it's wonderful having this going into auditions.ā€


"Alicia and Nicolette were such an important part of my journey of becoming a Boston Celtics dancer. Not only did they help me gain confidence in myself as well as knowledge in the pro dance world. They have also made a lasting impact on how I carry and present myself to anyone I meet. I now have a ā€˜toolboxā€™ that will help me nail any interview regarding dance or not. Alicia and Nicolette both took time out of their busy schedules to meet with me through zoom and to get to know me as a person which added another level of authenticity. I would not have been in the same place I am today if it weren't for these two amazing ladies and their support. A HUGE thanks to Alicia and Nicolette for getting me ready for this audition that have now changed my life!"

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