$399.00 USD

Looking to apply everything you've learned after completing the Masterclass?  Let's connect on a free consult call to discuss how we can work together one on one. 

Prepping with our Masterclass, followed by one on one support, is our premium prep option.  This gives you the ability to learn all of our strategies and techniques efficiently, at your own pace while still having the opportunity to ask questions, be provided with feedback and apply your new skills in a session with us.  

Complete Prep Masterclass Bundle

When venturing into professional cheer and dance, merely showing up at the audition won't guarantee a spot on the team or advancement to the final round. Extensive groundwork is essential beforehand to prepare you for the audition's demands.

Fortunately, we bring a wealth of experience as both professional cheerleaders and Nicolette, a former Miss America contestant, equipped with the knowledge of the necessary pre-audition steps to ensure your success and make you stand out.

In our comprehensive Masterclass, you'll gain access to an Introductory Guide and five workshops designed to alleviate audition stress and ensure you're PRO-ready.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Insight into our background and who we are
  • A foundational overview of wardrobe, hair and makeup, interview techniques, and audition paperwork
  • Strategies for perfecting a resume that highlights your diverse/relevant skills
  • Crafting a standout cover letter that reflects your personality
  • What to anticipate during an interview (in any format), featuring our TPT-specific formulas, strategies and techniques, along with practice questions
  • How to prepare and highlight your team knowledge and understanding through our media training